RBD for Cu wire

Vedio Introduction

Mainly used for wire drawing of the following wires:

Casting copper wire ingot, low oxygen Copper Rod by CCR line, oxygen free Copper Rod by up-Casting

, oxygen free Copper Rod by dip coating ,copper busbars, etc.

Bare stranded wire, conductive wire core of insulated wire and cable, braided shield, etc.

Electromagnetic wire, conductive core of cable, trolley wire (contact wire), busbar

Conductive core of high-strength wires, electromagnetic wire, overhead wire, etc.

Cooperation enterprises as:

Xi'an Xidian Group, Jiangsu Guotou Group, Jiangsu Tongding Group, Kunshan Zhenxiong Copper, Zhejiang Zhengtai Cable Company, Shandong Qilu Cable, Deyang Jidong Group and others.

Vedio Parameter

High-speed, high-efficiency copper wire drawing equipment and stranding equipment.

> RBD for Cu wire (Double motor transmission)

> RBD for Cu wire (Multi motor transmission)

>Multiwire Drawing Lines (24wires16wires8wires)

>Fine and Intermediate Wire Drawing Line

>Electrolytic Plating Line for Cu wire

>High Speed Double Twist buncher(630mm800mm1000mm1250mm1600mm)